Monday, November 10, 2008

Colfax Avenue

After our meal at Casa Bonita, and as part of my "1000 photos in one day" exercise (I decided to take 1000 images in one day to break in my new camera), I took these on Colfax Avenue.

Right next to Casa Bonita, there's a magic shop. In all the times I've been there, I've never seen it open, but I'm assuming it does open occasionally. It has a creepy (translation: I would love to own it) stuffed rabbit in the window, along with a beyond-creepy (translation: I HATE CLOWNS) mannequin and other fascinating things.

One day I hope to visit the shop itself. In the meantime, here's their window:

awesome old stuffed magician's bunny. My husband added a filter to this picture because I asked him to. Here's what he looks like "unfiltered":

From Outside Casa Bonita

hideously awesome

From Outside Casa Bonita

more bunny love...

From Outside Casa Bonita

a magician's costume, I think...

From Outside Casa Bonita

pirate costume... ok...

From Outside Casa Bonita

long shot of the window...

From Outside Casa Bonita

another shot of the entire window...

From Outside Casa Bonita

a prop skull and a snake? cool.

From Outside Casa Bonita


As you can see, it is right and good to fear clowns.

Back to Casa Bonita, before we depart for Colfax. Here's the fountain right outside:

From Outside Casa Bonita

The fountain with Daniel sitting on the ledge. As I was shooting this, I noticed the rainbow behind him:

From Outside Casa Bonita

They're always after his Lucky Charms!

From Outside Casa Bonita

The bell tower on Casa Bonita; it really looks out of place in the shopping center, but is still really pretty.

From Outside Casa Bonita

a close up of the bell tower (or as close as its gonna get until I get another camera lens)

Then, finally, into the car, waving bye-bye till next year:

From Colfax Avenue
well, not so much waving as looking at me as if to say, When are you gonna stop with the camera?

From Colfax Avenue

I wish all the neon on this sign worked; old neon is neat, and it seems to be quickly fading from the landscape, which is a real shame.


neat brickwork and I like the reflection in the window (filtered)

liquor store (filtered)

My other favorite, besides the Bunny motel.
There is so much going on here, and the brick work is so pretty.

the same view, filtered.

Sidewok cafe. They deliver... bad puns.

Do you have to have a valid passport to go to Car Land? Are special vaccinations required, like when you go to exotic foreign locales? Is Andy the president, or the king, or what? So many questions, so few answers.

More neat brick work, as the sun sets slowly behind us over the Rockies. So many buildings now look as though they were made from a cookie cutter; it's nice to see these old buildings with character. Even though this was probably never a fancy address, whoever built it took pride in their work.

Whoa! All of a sudden you crest a little hill on Colfax and you can see all of downtown Denver straight ahead.
To the left we have...

Mile High Stadium.
It's really named "Invesco Field at Mile High", but no one calls it that.
Everyone calls it "Mile High Stadium", which is what the old stadium was called. Except sportscasters, who are compelled to call it "Invesco Field at Mile High". They probably hate doing it, though, because they know they sound like total tools.

This is where President-elect Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party nomination in August.

Finally, merging south onto the interstate, headed home...


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