Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is a test... sort of...

The stuff below is a bit of code to put my blog with my account on Technorati (^). I think it will link to my Technorati profile, which will be mostly empty, because I need to scoot off to bed directly since I have an early morning knitting lesson on tomorrow morning. Yes, you can take knitting lessons.

And because it's late and I'm too tired and sunburned to write, here's a photo of Manitou Springs, Colorado at night that will have to fill in for content till I can provide the real stuff:

From Moon over Manitou

I took this several days ago on the way to get water from Twin Springs on Ruxton Ave. The water comes from the ground cold, and naturally carbonated. It's full of Lithium and has the effect of being dehydrating if you drink too much.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE your new look!! And I love that it loads ever so much faster! Now just waiting for you to blog!! :o)