Monday, October 25, 2010

Autumn Finally Arrives

Nature didn't seem to want to let go of summer this year. 

September felt like August, and we had very warm weather well into October. 

But finally, Nature yielded, and Autumn seems to be truly and finally here. 

Here are a few photos we've taken over the past few weeks. 

Abandoned house east of town 
on the ranch where we hunt

The prairie looks flat, doesn't it? But it isn't. 
There are dips, ditches, and holes. Animal burrows and trails.
Deep channels where rain water runs off. 
Yucca plants so big that you have to walk around them.
Its anything but flat, and walking across it in heavy boots, 
carrying hunting gear means you're going to stumble. 

Thinking about how incredibly difficult it must have been for 
pioneers, who walked hundreds of miles over land like this,
makes my back ache in sympathy.

Dan on the Prairie. 
The weather was cool and breezy, 
and the clouds were lofty and gray. 
 An out building, or what's left of it.
 The Front Range of the Rockies on an autumn afternoon. 
Its probably impossible to tell here, 
but the mountains above the tree line
had already received plenty of snow when this was taken.
A outcropping of rock near Kremmling, Colorado 
(about 9250 feet above sea level)
Downed pine trees, 
and an outcropping of rocks.
A meadow shortly before sunrise near Kremmling
 Day break
The meadow as the sun comes up.
Peaceful meadow.
In the distance, three moose have overnighted in the meadow. 
They had layers of frost in their coats as the sun came up.
 Snow in the foreground, 
a taste of things soon to come.
 Welcome, Autumn!


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