Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sixteen Questions

From Mrs. G, who is always funny and thoughtful^.

1) Do you support gay marriage?

Yes. I think if straight people get married, gay people should have to, too.

Honestly: it's a human rights issue, and I can't believe that it is even a question for most people. Love isn't a zero-sum game. If gay people get married, it does not diminish love or marriage for anyone else. Happy marriages are good for everyone in our society. Also, I think that this is a defining issue for Americans. Someday, those who vocally oppose gay marriage will be scorned and will be look at in the same way that we look down on those who opposed the civil rights movement.
I should have added: Those who call themselves small-government conservatives, who want the government out of their lives, who then also demand that the government should decide which adults can and can't get married, are hypocrites.

Those people should remember not to whine and cry when that same government moves to restrict their lives in ways that scare and anger them. It is inevitable. It always happens. Why they will act surprised when it does is beyond me.

Freedom isn't just for one group. It's for all Americans. Restrict it for some, and it will be restricted for all. That is how giving power to the government works and has always worked.

And it isn't about whether or not you "approve" of gay marriage or not. It's okay it you don't. You don't have to like it. It's about whether or not you can maintain your freedoms in the face of denying freedom to others.

2) How old are you, beautiful?
Old enough to be pleased when someone tells me that I look great for being in my mid-30's.
3) What is the strangest thing you have ever put on a peanut butter sandwich?
Bananas and mayonnaise, according to my husband.
4) Are you comfortable wearing a two piece bathing suit to the beach?
Good Lord, no.
5) Are you honest with your spouse/significant other about everything?
I try to be, but I also try to curb my sharp tongue, so maybe not always. <--- probably a good thing.
6) Are you offended by the adult book "Go the F*ck to Sleep?"
No. I wish it was a series.
Go the F*ck to the Bathroom
Time to Go the F*ck to the Dentist
Pick Up Your F*cking Toys
And so on.
7) Be honest, do you regularly find yourself judging people? On what basis: looks, intelligence, prosperity?
Yes. Intelligence and wisdom. Looks are transient, and there are some good reasons not to be wealthy. There is no reason at all to be misinformed or ignorant, though.
I should have added, Honesty

8) What's the most you've ever spent on a piece of clothing?
A few hundred dollars for a prom dress, back in the dark ages, when that was a lot of money.
My wedding dresses didn't cost anywhere near as much as that dress. It was gorgeous, though. Lavender, with yards and yards of tulle, like a long ballet tutu, with a satin bodice. More or less like this, except this is Barbie's prom dress, not mine:

9) On a scale of one to ten (one being "not much"), how would you rate the importance of your online relationships?
Depends. Some of them are very important to me. A few aren't. So, on a scale of one to ten, most of them would be 9s or 10s. A few are as low as 3 or 4.
10) Do you think sexting counts as infidelity?
Yes. Intimacy is about more than sex.
11) Is Jax from Sons of Anarchy too young (he's 31) to be mancaked?
I have no idea what that means. He's a cutie, though.
12) Do you have a blog?
Yes. This is it.
13) Approximately how many blogs do you read?
A lot. Like, maybe 100 or so. Almost all of them in RSS. Politics, science, geeky stuff, crafts, and food, mostly.
14) What are three blogs you can't wait to read each day (please don't include this one or your own)?
Volokh Conspiracy^ (politics and legal stuff), Zoo Borns^ (cute animal stuff), and Wired Science^ (science-y stuff).
15) George or Johnny?

Why even ask?

16) What current trend are you tired of hearing about day after day?
Most of them? Hmmmm... If I had to pick one, it would be the latest idiocy from the Republican Party. As a former Republican, I have trouble believing the disturbing pattern of bigotry and prejudice that spews forth with no one in leadership denouncing any of it.
I would have added, had I thought about it, that I'm still pretty conservative on most issues. Actually, I'm pretty libertarian on most issues, but that's harder to explain. People understand "conservative". Not many people understand "libertarian".

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