Monday, October 13, 2008

My Baby Just Cares For Me

Our anniversary is next weekend, and we're going to... well, we don't know yet.
We may go to Denver(^) and stay somewhere fancy, go out to eat, and enjoy being alone, which is a rarity.
We may stay home and cook together (which we both love to do).
Or we might go out to dinner- perhaps to the place we had our incredible rehearsal dinner(^).
Regardless of what we do or where we go, I feel blessed every single day to simply know my husband; I can't possibly describe how I feel to have been married to him for almost five years now.

I have two things to share right now. Both remind me of how very much I adore my darling husband:

This was the recessional music at our wedding:

We didn't want anything "usual", rather we both wanted something that came close to describing how we felt about each other that day. Five years later, I love him more than ever, more deeply than ever, and the song is even more perfect now than it was then.

And this was our wedding cake. Yes, it was blue fondant with white Cornelli lace. Each layer was a different flavor. Chocolate with raspberry jam, hazelnut with hazelnut icing, and carrot cake. I made the little bride and groom jackalopes for the top. The hydrangeas matched those in my bouquet.

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